Finding Inspiration

I had started a class in Computer Game Design.  One of the first things the professor had us do was to go out and find inspirational imagery to help us visually define the game.  I had trouble identifying with this and it didn’t really sink in.  Later when I was starting to use Scrivener for my writing I happened across a vlog on YouTube by Garrett Robinson where he would Google for images that fit into his minds-eye caricature of the character.  It finally clicked!  I’m a visual person so having these imagery in my Scrivener notebook kept me focused on what my character looked like.  DeviantArt is a great place to hunt for such imagery, if you are willing to ignore the less savory people put up there.  Pinterest is another site I’m starting to troll for inspirational imagery.  The downside is there is so much stuff to look at I find I can spend too much time browsing and not enough time writing.

Garrett Robinson’s YouTube Channel (

~ by Jim Craft on January 26, 2015.

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