Ah, you’ve come to the boring stuff.

First and foremost, I am a husband and a father of 2 great kids.

With that out of the way …

It would be difficult to pigeonhole me.  Politically I’m registered as ‘unaffiliated’.  ‘Humanist’ might be a good opening term.  I do believe in evolution and human-induced climate change.  I drive a Chevy Suburban and a Toyota MR2 Spyder.  I grew up in the south, the bible-belt.  I used to have an accent, now it only shows up when I’ve had too many.  I believe there are other worlds with intelligent creatures.  I do not believe, currently, that any of these intelligent creatures have visited our planet/solar system.  I write software for scientific application.  I like 3-D eye candy and play in Blender.  I enjoy games such as Skyrim, Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I’m a photographer.  I enjoy creating images of people, nature, my family.  I love soccer.  I play it.  I coach it.  I love beer, typically dark and nitrogen infused.

Mankind is our own worst enemy.  Mankind is our only savior.

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