Adding the jMonkeyEngine to the Eclipse Environment

jMonkeyEngine ( is an open source Java 3D Game Engine.  They provide their own development environment, but it uses NetBeans as the IDE (  It is also a well supported IDE similar to Eclipse.  I decided, again for better or worse, to stay with Eclipse.  Fortunately jMonkeyEngine provides their engine and its supporting libraries as .jar files.  I downloaded these and installed them “next to” the AndroidSDK, ie C:/AndroidSDK/Android/jMonkey.  Their instructions are easy to follow:

They have a good list of tutorials for instructing how to use their engine in a desktop environment.  Moving that into the Android realm they provide a beta solution, but the documentation is lacking.  In the next post I will outline how I took a tutorial of theirs, and by trolling through their Android forum, came up with making that same example work on an Android device.


~ by Jim Craft on February 6, 2012.

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