Change in Direction

Well, after months of playing around with the Android SDK and what not, I’ve decided on a sea change and moved back toward Unity 3D.  I’ve picked up a basic Android license and have been working on some projects.  One is contracted the others are personal.  On the personal side I’m building games for Android that I want to play.  Not necessarily ones that will sell.  I’m doing this to learn about the process.  With my many years of Software Dev and Engineering I feel that gives me some advantage on the scripting side.  The difficulty for me is the artwork.  I’m not artistically gifted.  Yes, I can make good meshes in Blender that work well when skinned and animated, but the textural details is where I need help.  However, with Unity’s Asset Store I find decent models already animated and textured at reasonable prices.  Saves me the hassle and lets me focus back on the game design and implementation.  And that’s what I enjoy.

Stay tuned.  Hopefully I’ll have more to say sooner than later, eh?


Jim (

~ by Jim Craft on January 25, 2013.

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